Introducing Dropmark for iOS

It’s finally here! Our team has been hard at work on our iOS app over the past year, and we’re proud to announce it’s available for download in the App Store for iPad and iPhone today.

We first launched Dropmark six years ago, and we’ve been eager to bring it to iOS for a while now. With today’s launch of iOS 11, the timing couldn’t be better. Dropmark for iOS makes heavy use of new features available in iOS 11, including drag and drop — something that’s been core to the Dropmark experience over these six years. You might even say it’s our OS soulmate.

There’s a lot to show you, but here’s a quick overview of our ten favorite features in Dropmark for iOS:


Now you can stay up to date with your team and collaborators on the go. The activity feed gives you a consolidated view of all uploaded content, and a quick way to leave comments and reactions.


This is what we’ve been waiting for! Swipe open your favorite app in split view and drag content right into Dropmark. Perfect for sharing photos and bookmarking content from the web in Safari. Requires a multitask-supported iPad running iOS 11.


In addition to dragging content to Dropmark, you can drag from Dropmark to your favorite apps. Drag photos and links to Messages, Mail, Notes, and anywhere else you need them. Grab multiple items too! Once you’ve picked up the first, tap other items to add to your pile.

Share extension

Enable the share extension to send files and bookmarks to Dropmark from your favorite apps, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and most other modern apps. Dropmark supports just about anything you can throw at it (if you find something it doesn’t support, let us know!).

Add anything

Add text notes, links, photos and videos from your camera roll, and files from supported apps like iCloud, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Collect and organize everything in one simple place.

Bulk actions

Long press an item in Dropmark to enable bulk actions. Quickly tap additional items to add to your selection, then tap the ... icon in the top right to choose an action: Stack, Tag, Move, Copy, or Delete (stacks and tags are available to Pro and Team subscribers).

Simple presentations

Combine text, bookmarks, images, and videos to create simple and seamless slideshows with any type of content. Scroll through fully interactive websites, play videos, zoom into photos, and more. Pairs perfectly with AirPlay Mirroring, so you can finally leave PowerPoint behind.

Invite collaborators

Share collections with your team and collaborate together. Whether your squad is all in the same room or spread across the globe, everyone can upload images, share screenshots, write text, bookmark websites, post documents, and keep everything searchable, all in one place.


When collections grow in size, stacks are an ideal way to keep everything organized into tidy subgroups. Create stacks by topic, project, location, or use it to round up your favorites. Seamlessly drag and drop items to stacks and keep everything handy. Stacks are available to Pro and Team subscribers.

Comments and reactions

From design reviews to client feedback, comments are a simple and productive way to have discussions around your most important items. Target your feedback using @mentions and use reactions for a quick way to mark favorites or show appreciation for a teammate’s hard work. Comments and reactions are available to Pro and Team subscribers.


There is much more to explore in the app, including search and #tags. Download the app and get started today for free.