Say hello to Ditto, AI for bookmarks ✨

Here at Dropmark, we’ve been at bookmarks a long time — twelve years to be exact. Like everyone else, we’re guilty of piling up interesting links in a “Read it later” collection, and then forgetting to actually read them despite our best intentions. Who is going to save us from this ever-growing backlog?

TLDR: Ditto is a friendly AI assistant here to help you organize your bookmarks and read it later smarter.

Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Ditto is the ultimate tool for your Dropmark collections. Ditto is 100% optional, and you can opt-in at the collection level. With every link you save in a Ditto-enabled collection, Ditto rolls up its digital sleeves and gets down to business. You’ll automatically see:

  1. Articles distilled into a brief summary (saving you precious reading time)
  2. Suggested relevant #tags (making organization a breeze)

Screenshot showing Ditto in use

As a conversational assistant, Ditto does a whole lot more. Mention @ditto-bot to unlock a bucket load of features related to your bookmarks, for example:

  • Extract formatted recipes 🥗
  • Get bullet points from an article 📌
  • Recommend related links 🌐
  • Compare products for smarter shopping 🛍️
  • Fetch addresses and crucial info 📍
  • Create tidy shopping lists 📝
  • And anything else you can think of! 💭

Consider Ditto as your shiny new team player, here to streamline your bookmarks. Eager to try it out? Sign up for early access at and get ready to revolutionize your bookmark game! 💥