Say hello to @mentions


From design reviews to client feedback, comments in Dropmark have long been a simple and productive way to have discussions around your most important items.

Now we’re making it even easier to keep these discussions meaningful and relevant with the introduction of @mentions.

To use mentions, start by typing “@” in your comment and Dropmark will auto-suggest collaborators to pick from, or just type their @username. If you use Twitter, you already know how this works (p.s. you should follow @dropmark).


Mentioned individuals will receive an email notification, bringing them into the discussion, while keeping things free of noise for everyone else. All collaborators can always catch up on the discussion activity later using their Dashboard when it’s convenient for them.

Along with individuals, you can also mention entire teams using their @team name. This is a great way to make sure everyone is up to speed on important decisions, and gather feedback from your group — especially helpful when working with multiple teams.

Hot on the heels of image annotations, comments and mentions are supported on all Pro and Team-owned collections. Give it a try with your team and enjoy your newfound productivity.

Manage your notification preferences

We’re also giving you full control over how these notifications are sent. You can choose to receive all notifications, @mentions only, or mute them entirely.


Manage these options on your Account page.

Pro tip: You can also subscribe to notifications using Feeds for Mac or any RSS reader.