Dropmark turns 10

Once upon a time, ten whole internet years ago, a little software service called Dropmark was born. (We mention internet years because that’s like, at least 70 in people years.)

It all started in 2011 when we noticed a problem with our client workflow. It was too easy to get sucked into scroll holes while trying to be productive, and even easier for our work to get buried in email leading to confusion and frustration. We decided to build something better; a tool that wasn’t a time suck and let you get back to what’s important.

That’s part of what makes us different.

At Dropmark, our goals continue to be: simplicity, effectiveness, and privacy. We want to be a breath of fresh air in the software cloud that you can rely on. We developed Dropmark with a sustainable mindframe and hope to be here until the end of time. By allowing you to control who sees your collections, who can collaborate with you, and never showing you ads or an endless wall of posts to distract, your work will shine.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re looking back on the past decade of Dropmark. Celebrate with us → dropmark.com/ten