Pro tip: Importing multiple links

As you’ve seen previously, adding multiple files to a Dropmark collection is as easy as drag and drop. Now, here’s a quick tip that makes Dropmarking multiple web links just as easy.

To get started, all you need is a list of links (from a text file, e-mail, anything will do). For best results, each link should be on its own line.

In the video above, we’re using a list compiled from TIME magazine’s top 50 websites of 2011.


Here’s how to import a list of links:

  1. Log in, and click the + (add) button from your collection.
  2. In text mode, paste your entire list into the text field.
  3. Press ‘Dropmark this’.
  4. There is no step 4, your links are automatically parsed and added to the collection.

Of course, you can also drag and drop your list directly into Dropmark—from anywhere.

Dropmark will generate handy thumbnails for you, and like any collection, you can browse and interact with websites right inline.


Importing bookmarks from your browser?

Dropmark also supports the .webloc (Macintosh) and  .url (Windows) files used by your browser. Drag them in like any other file, and Dropmark will work its magic.