Effortless web magic: crafting microsites with Dropmark

Building a website is a big task and can require much time, money, and resources that might need to be made available or necessary. For you or your team, sometimes, a more minimal approach to your digital presence may be all you need, especially if you are trying to share customized content with your audience or promote a particular type of information.

✨ Enter the microsite ✨

Microsites typically consist of a single web page or a few pages much smaller than a complete website and contain specific or niche information. A company may use a microsite to distinguish between its main website and a specific message or product. On an individual level, one might make a microsite as a reference to silo a particular type of information for themselves or even create a small portfolio to share with potential clients or employers.

With Dropmark, you can use a custom domain and customize your layout and thumbnails to treat your collections as microsites! The possibilities are vast, but here are a few of the ways we’ve enjoyed microsites on Dropmark:

Project showcase or portfolio: One advantage of building a portfolio on Dropmark is the ability to focus on your content. Your work will be the center of attention, with no distracting UI fluff or ads. Bonus: if you’re on a Solo plan, you can create stacks and build simple case studies within them.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 2.40 1.png

Thematic resources: Do you have a penchant for collecting hyperspecific internet things like 404 pages or microgaming? Create a Dropmark collection for each topic, gathering articles, videos, images, and links related to that theme. Use Dropmark’s built-in sharing features to turn these collections into accessible microsites.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 2.39 1.png

Video hub: when you upload video content to a collection and enter presentation mode, the videos will autoplay, creating a dynamic, engaging experience akin to a tiny TV channel. It’s a great way to upload regular content as a content hub.

Newsletters: Dropmark collections are a great way to upload regular content. If you’re working on a newsletter, your collection can be a stellar way to organize and host your research. Add a custom domain to a solo or team plan and turn your collection into a newsletter issue you can share directly with your readers.

We hope you’ve been inspired to get started on your own microsites, and we hope you send us what you come up with! ❇️