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A visual home for your team.

Creative teams use Dropmark to
share ideas, review designs, and collect feedback.

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Designed to help your team collaborate better

Whether your team is all in the same room or spread across the globe, everyone can upload images, share screenshots, write text, bookmark websites, post documents, and keep everything searchable, all in one place.

Used by productive people and teams at: Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Adidas, TED, Adobe

All the things teams love

Say goodbye to links lost in the chat room abyss. Organize everything into collections and stacks for different projects or clients, use search and #tags to find what you need faster.

Keep everyone on the same page with comments and annotations. Use @ mentions and notifications to loop everyone into the conversation.

Easily add and remove team members, set roles, and give everyone access to your entire dashboard, or invite clients and contractors to just a few collections.

How will your team use Dropmark?

  • Project evolution

    Keep everything from napkin sketches to final renderings all in one place, so team members can see the evolution of a project.

  • Presentation

    Skip the deck. Drag and drop images, videos, and links to create a simple presentation without the fuss.

  • Knowledge

    Build a knowledge base and brief your team on particular subjects, like the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.

  • Playlist

    Record and upload daily stand-up meetings, so remote teams can subscribe and watch as a playlist or podcast.

  • Reading

    Create a reading list to stay up to date on industry news by saving trends and relevant articles.

  • Interview

    Track potential hires by saving portfolios and résumés, and gather feedback after each interview with comments.

Great teams use Dropmark.
Here’s what a few of them say.

  • Dropmark gives us a place to organize cool stuff we find by project or save things for future reference. It’s also great when a new team member starts. We’re able to just give them access to the team Dropmark and let them see where our heads have been.

    Chris Muccioli

    Creative Director, Jukely

  • I love using Dropmark to organize different iterations of web updates and track progress. I can add notes and annotations for myself and others. It’s easy to present in the browser and navigating between multiple iterations is a breeze.

    Megan Sanguinetti

    Designer, Heath Ceramics

  • Dropmark makes it really easy to gather all the loose ends early on in the process. Words, phrases, and concepts are summarized alongside text notes and images, videos, and web links — all in the same folder. Clients can then easily see in which direction we’re moving.

    Mathias Haddal Hovet

    Co-founder, Heydays

  • Dropmark has been transformational to how we work. We use it to share news and research sources across our team. It’s become embedded into our process and essential to our daily operations.

    Phil Birchenall

    Projects Director, K7 Media