Using Dropmark: Creating a collection of websites

In this first installment of Using Dropmark, we’ll show you how to turn a handful of links into a useful, collaborative collection.

Let’s say you are researching some restaurants for an upcoming trip with a friend. Instead of e-mailing a dozen websites to your friend, create a Dropmark collection and add your links—or drag and drop right from your web browser, e-mail, or pretty much anywhere.

You can invite your friend to collaborate on your collection, allowing them to add and help organize the items. You can also choose to make your collection public (by default, Dropmark collections are private), and share it with the world. Dropmark automatically creates a unique shortlink for each collection (ie. making sharing extremely simple.

Websites added to a collection can be viewed directly within Dropmark and are fully functional. Skip between Dropmarks using the left and right arrows. No need to open a dozen browser tabs.

Watch the screencast above to see how you can make sharing and organizing websites easier.  Sign up and use Dropmark to collect  vacation ideas, research the latest  music apps, or anything else you can imagine.

Using Dropmark is a new series on The Droplog where we highlight different ways to use Dropmark. Tell us how you use Dropmark by e-mailing