Dropmark makes the Designer’s Toolkit

We are thrilled to be featured in today’s Infographic of the Day on Fast Company’s Co. Design.

BestVendor, a website that helps you discover tools and apps you’ll love, surveyed 180 design and creative professionals from around the world to find out which design apps they use the most. The outcome, titled  The Designer’s Toolkit, features Dropmark in “Hidden gems and trending apps.”


Designers, in many ways, are quintessential first adopters and ideal test customers: They’re technically savvy and demanding, with an extreme attention to detail and polish. Please them, and it’s pretty certain that you’ve got a great product on your hands.

…the survey also pointed out some fascinating little apps that might be worth picking up, and that might evolve into big things or even industry standards.

Speaking of design, the handsome infographic was designed by the dataviz experts over at  Hyperakt.

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