Schedule your social media posts with Buffer and Dropmark

We recently took Buffer for a spin and found a great way to integrate Dropmark collections.

Buffer is a social media management tool that’s been around since 2010. If you’re like us sometimes 🔥 tweet inspiration can hit at any time, and sometimes it takes a little more brain power. That’s why Buffer is great, you can set up posts in advance and if inspiration strikes you can push everything else down a time slot with one click.

We’ve been playing around with their content inbox feature where you can add feeds from your favorite websites, which pulls content that you may want to use for your posts. It’s pretty nifty.

What’s even better is you can add your Dropmark collection’s feed here too. So it’ll populate whatever you’ve saved to your collection, making it easy to tweet or post about whatever you have Dropmarked lately.

The content inbox works best with bookmarked items. If you have items which you have uploaded to Dropmark that you want to share, simply set your collection privacy to either ‘anyone with link’ or ‘everyone’.

Here’s how to add a Dropmark collection to your Buffer:

Step one

Go to your Dropmark collection and click on the Settings icon in the top right hand corner. Click on the Advanced Settings tab, then left click on the RSS button and copy the RSS link.

Step two

Go to your Buffer page and click on the Content Inbox tab. Paste the link in the box here and a drop down will then show the title of your collection. Click on the title and then your feed is successfully synced. 💥

Step three

You can now tweet easily from this collection to your heart’s content! Simply click on the Add button next to any item to bring up the textbox to compose or edit your posts before they go out into the world.