Dropmark was born ten years ago from a team of software designers in NYC.

Working with clients, we often found ourselves creating moodboards, sharing websites, emailing attachments, and quickly losing track of the latest design revisions and feedback. We dreamed of a simple platform that would allow us to bring all the important bits together in one shareable link. When we couldn’t find anything that fit our needs as visual thinkers, we built Dropmark. Since then, Dropmark has grown and folks all over the world use it in creative ways we never imagined — from local book clubs to Fortune 500 companies.

What hasn’t changed is our purpose, and below are the guiding principles we continue to work towards:

  1. Keep it simple. We believe obstacles hinder creativity. Dropmark was born to be downright simple: drag and drop to bring information together in a visual way, and share it with those who matter.

  2. A place for everything. You shouldn’t have to use separate tools to bookmark links, gather photos, create video and audio playlists, jot down notes, or upload files. Collect it all alongside content from your favorite websites. Magical things happen when you connect it all in one place.

  3. Private by default. Social media is exhausting. Dropmark is a safe, private space to collect your thoughts without all the distractions and clutter.

  4. Stay organized. Dropmark is a visual knowledge base, not a dumping ground. Items are organized in collections, with stacks and #tags to help you search and discover intersections among your content. Clear your mind and let Dropmark remember it for you.

  5. Collaborate visually. Dropmark empowers visual thinkers, whether in the same room or across different continents. With more people working and connecting remotely these days, it’s important to have a creative space to share, gather feedback, and work together online with your team, clients, and cohorts.

  6. Own your data. Your data is yours — it should not be sold to advertisers, trapped behind paywalls, or locked in a tool. Import and export your data at any time, and use it however you like.

  7. Be productive. No dark patterns or addictive game mechanics to keep you endlessly scrolling and targeted with advertisements. Dropmark is completely ad-free and designed to save you time. The less time you spend in our software, the more time you can do your actual job.

  8. “Less, but better.” Taking a cue from our design hero Dieter Rams, Dropmark aims to do more with less. By design, we will never have every feature or bell and whistle. Just enough to help you organize and share ideas in the easiest way possible.

  9. Your forever archive. For ten years (and counting), individuals and teams have trusted Dropmark as their visual home. Other tools have come and gone, leaving users scrambling and we feel your pain. We built Dropmark as a purposeful and sustainable tool to stand the test of time.

  10. Be nice. Treat your team and customers with respect. Let’s listen to one another, solve real problems, and grow together.