New extension for Safari is here

Joining Chrome and Firefox, our new browser extension is now available for Safari. It took a little longer than we expected for approval by Apple, but we hope you’re agree the update is worth the wait!

To recap what’s new:

  • We said goodbye to the previous version’s sidebar and now things are fully integrated with the browser. This means the extension should now work on every site.
  • Capture full page screenshots for future reference!
  • Select thumbnails and images from the images available on the current page.
  • Right-click anywhere on a page to add links, images, and text to Dropmark.
  • Drag an image or link and a Dropmark dropzone will slide out from the right side of your screen. Magic!
  • Duplicate detection! We now alert you if you’re adding a link that’s already been added.

For a quick visual tour of the new extension see:

If you previously had the Safari extension installed, it should automatically update for you. Otherwise you can click here to install.