Copy items between collections

Copying items in Dropmark

So far this year we’ve introduced collection archives, reactions, and a new browser extension to help you better organize your items in Dropmark.

Today we’re excited to introduce another widely requested feature: the ability to copy items. You can now copy an item between collections or within the same collection. Maybe you have an image in an “Inspiration” collection that would also go well in your “Home Décor” collection, or maybe you have a text item that you’d like to duplicate to make additional revisions to. Now you can.

From your collection, select the items you’d like to copy, then click “Copy” from the bulk action menu at the top. For our Pro and Team users, you can even copy entire stacks.

Pro tip: use shift + click to select a range of items for bulk actions. Select the first item and then hold down the shift key while selecting the last item, all items in between will be selected.

Happy copying!